How to Potty-trained your child – My 2-Pronged Approach!

I have three children.

They were all well and truly potty-trained between the ages of 2 and 3. I am very proud of this achievement. There was a time the thought of potty-training overwhelmed me. It seemed easier to continue to drudge up bills in exchange for the safety of the diaper. The diaper promised security from soiled beddings and clothes. But it didn’t offer security from judging eyes that seemed to linger when I lifted my talking, walking toddler and you caught a glimpse of the unmistakable diaper waistband.

I remember those moments, whether real or imagined. I think back to those moments, and I smile.

The truth is all the books on potty-training I bought back then were pages full of complexity (so I never read them). The videos I watched were either too lengthy, too sing-songy or just plain disjointed (so I wasn’t engaged).

After much frustration, I chose to get practical and apply simple logic that was suited to my situation. My guess is it would probably suit yours too.

My first attempt with my first child may have been a fluke but all doubt was flushed away (pun very much intended wink!) when this method was proven effective with child no 2 and then child no 3.

Hold on to your tissues or wipes if you prefer as we go on this wild ride into the world of ditching diapers and embracing potties, poop and more…


  1. Place your potty in plain view preferably close to your toddler’s activity hot spots in the house (We chose the far corner at the end of the hallway within clear view)

  2. Introduce your toddler to “Mr/Ms. Potty”. Be sure to emphasise to your toddler that said Potty drinks only wee and eats only poo, implying that whenever he/she need to do a wee or a poo; Mr/Ms Potty would be happy to be oblige rather than go quite hungry.

  3. Get toddler familiar with new but temporary loo spot.

  4. Desist from using diapers in the daytime at home.

  5. Ensure toddler sees you feeding and fuelling your own Mr. Potty (The toilet in your bathroom etc.)

  6. Be ready for a few mishaps — but give verbal cues to toddler to feed or fuel Mr. Potty before and after meals and drinks.

  7. Progress will be made … I assure you!

  8. Celebrate, yes be jubilant after every successful potty session, party hats may be included!

  9. Be consistent and try to endure the organic scents that may fill the hallway (air fresheners and diffusers may help here) but best of all open windows if you can.

  10. Use every opportunity to teach your little one about hygiene and clean up regimens for both bums and potties and of course hands.

  11. Do this consistently until accidents cease.

  12. Move potty to bathroom and inform toddler that Mr. Potty has started feeling lonely and wants to be closer to older and more mature potties in your family-dom.

  13. Give countless reminders of new location, possibly give a guided tour.

  14. Within two-three weeks, success would have been recorded on the regular.

  15. You have succeeded with PRONG 1


  1. Ensure all drinking ends at least an hour and a half before bed, and if drinking has to happen, limit quantities.

  2. Empty bladder(s) once or twice before bed, this may apply to you to, wink!

  3. Purchase and use a waterproof mattress protector to shield mattress from ammonia laden drenches.

  4. Make this habitual, a lifestyle of sorts.

  5. Sing your toddlers praises after every night slept through without wetting the bed.

  6. In the event of bedwetting — encourage and keep at the routine.

  7. After an extended period of success — throw a graduation soiree with bedazzled certificate and all!

Toilet training is even easier once you have recorded success with the potty. Toilet training seats and tips will work with the right tools, a toddler stool and training pants for when you are on the road especially in the early days of training. Also, you will need to consider a travel potty or potty seat that collapses for ease of transport when you need to be on the go.


If you would like to read more on this let me know in the comments. I’ll be sharing my free e-book on this in the coming weeks, and it will be loaded with more detail and lots of quips to cheer you on as you win your way through potty-training because you will.

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