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Who we are

We are a bespoke Ghost-writing agency, authoring books, digital content, and digital products that position our clients as subject matter experts and thought leaders. We work with our clients to tell their stories, giving breath to their knowledge, experiences, and expertise.

At The CopyShift Creatives, we offer tailored strategic content and creative writing services to support our clients, their brands, ideas, and initiatives. We go beyond writing to helping our clients with strategic positioning.


We believe stories change minds and fuel transformative change. Individuals and brands alike can transform their image & brand perception by intentionally leading with their thoughts and humanity.

Whether you want to write fiction, non-fiction, blog content, e-books, or white papers, we are here to help you craft compelling narratives. We will invent clear strategies, and ghost-write best-selling stories, digital content, and products for you.


We work with our clients to hit and surpass their targets, by experience and impact. We are excited to partner with you to create your books, digital products, scripts, copy and even content campaigns using intelligent Search Engine Optimised strategies.


At The CopyShift Creatives, we craft compelling words that ascend. We help you create amazing stories, share your knowledge and experience for meaningful and lasting impact.

Our Purpose

To inspire people to tell their stories, share their knowledge and experiences through books and digital products.

Our Vision

To be renowned for being the foremost agency of premium writers and editors changing the world, one story at a time.

Our Mission

Simplifying and demystifying the writing process by helping individuals and brands tell their incredible stories in a way that transforms people meaningfully with lasting impact.
Meet the Founder

Matilda Okufi

Founder/Lead Copywriter

Matilda is a seasoned and passionate creative writer, poet, author, and entrepreneur. She has had a successful career as an entrepreneur; co-founding Technology Start-ups, internet businesses, as well two successful food and confection brands.


She started The CopyShift Creatives agency as a response to the need of millions of people wanting to tell their stories but not knowing where to begin. Matilda leads her exceptional team of creative writers and editors to craft exceptional books, stories, and digital products.


 Building a track record, partnering with 100s of individuals, brands, and start-ups to create, share and impact. She is set to launch several book projects of her own.


Matilda holds a PGD in Direct & Digital Marketing from The Institute of Digital Marketing in London and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing from Southern Cross University, New South Wales, Australia. 

She also possesses Advanced Diplomas in Technology and Information Systems, Copywriting and Content Writing. She also belongs to Creative Writing Fellowships.


Matilda’s creative and editorial efforts have graced the books of tens of authors. From books on Business, Productivity, Personal Development and Transformation to books on Motherhood, Pregnancy and Parenting as well as works of fiction. Matilda and her team of writers and editors have helped many successful authors birth their dream books and projects.


A lot of what she does at The CopyShift Creatives agency is rooted in her belief that books and personals stories are powerful instruments of transformation. They help to build and sustain legacies. Her mantra –

“We all have stories to tell and people to impact with our knowledge and experiences, and we must get these stories out one book at a time”.

Her passion for Creative Writing has also led her to create workshops for young people, budding writers, and would-be authors. The goal is to help them gain experience, knowledge, and support through community. Matilda and her team run these workshops several times a year and are working to create a Full Stack Creative Writing Course.

Matilda is a married and blessed with three amazing children. They give her the motivation to write and tell more stories every day.

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