One on One Writer’s Coach Package

Match with a Coach

We know what it’s like to see books getting published and launched every day. You want to get yours out but don’t know where to start. You read a book and it reminds you of the book(s) you want to write. 


You wonder will it ever happen? 

You have started writing and stopped so many times, you doubt yourself. 

You edit and re-edit till you lose the motivation to continue. 

You doubt your message or story? 

You wonder who would ever read what you have to say?

You are not the only one to ever feel this way. The finest authors have been there, but they didn’t stay there. If they had, they wouldn’t be the authors people aspire to be today. Books heal, transform, and inspire people. Books makes a difference and yours will too.


If the thought of travelling the path to becoming an author overwhelms you, we are here to hold your hand all the way.


Write your dream book with professional support, guidance, and accountability. We pair you with a friendly yet professional coach/mentor to journey with you from the start to finish of writing your dream book.

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