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When we learn to acknowledge the good in ourselves, we can gracefully acknowledge the good in others

I am Matilda Okufi. A creative and accomplished Writer, Poet, and Author with over 20 years of experience as a Technology and Creative entrepreneur. I have co-founded Tech Start-Ups, led multiple food service companies and internet brands. I have also been instrumental in crafting compelling brand stories, significant narratives, and creative campaigns across vibrant social media channels for several organizations.

Over the last few years, I determined to fully pivot and pursue my passion for writing and telling stories. Building my family and raising my children has given me the opportunity to define an authentic approach to life and work. In encouraging my children to pursue their passions and work towards their dreams, I too have allowed the message hit home. I decided to live true to those values and to birth my dreams.

In overcoming bouts of stress and anxiety about life, purpose, and direction, I got still and had these moments of clarity. It all came full circle for me. I had spent too long struggling to balance work and family life working in industries where I was extremely proficient, even expert at, but none of which sparked the kind of joy and meaning I get from writing and telling stories for myself and others.

I have always been a writer even though I never fully expressed it until now. I have birthed The CopyShift Creatives. I am in sync with myself. Everything appears to be falling in place. I love writing and telling human stories, I enjoy helping and coaching others to do the same. I believe in human stories. They have the power to change, transform and inspire us. We are all human. 

We all have stories. And human stories are the most magical if you ask me.

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