When Men Sing Your Praises

When men sing your praises,

What do they know?

What do they feel?

What do they show?

Do they understand your goals deep within?

or are they calculating on a pendulum spin?


When men sing your praises,

are they so sure?

What do they know about you?

What’s more? how do they score?

Achievements and travail or only the fore

When men sing your praises

Only give a side glance

they may be misleading,

don’t leave things to chance,


When men sing my praises,

I run for the hills.

I shout Abba Father

Preserve me please still,

Hold me much closer and teach me your will.


If men sing your praises

and surely, they will.

Take heed and be careful.

For there is more still

ahead of you waiting, if you don’t lose sight.

You’ll keep them a ‘humming.

But you will be alright.

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